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Morrigan HD preview
Just a little something I've been working on and off for too long now. Figured she was ready to show off a bit so here she is! Gonna polish her up more so she's more scene-friendly, but I'd love to know what you all think and what changes she could use =)
Commission - Medaka and Esdeath
A wonderful commission made for me by the extremely generous :icondarthplegias:!

I only found out about both of these girls recently and I absolutely love them =D On the left we have Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill, and on the right is Medaka from Medaka's Box. We will definitely be seeing more of both these girls on my page! Enjoy!

Story: After being defeated in combat, both girls were bound, gagged and kidnapped by the victor. Now held in his basement with little hope of escape or rescue, he keeps them both for only one reason. He enters to the room and lays eyes on his prizes and the girls know what's coming. He's focused on Medaka this time around and she notices it so she begins to prop herself up into position for him to hopefully make this quick and easy and be left alone. All Esdeath can do is lay there and wait her turn...

DISCLAIMER: The damage on the girls is from the fight and capture process. Hitting a helpless woman is a big no-no.


United States
I'm a bondage fan and a gaming geek, so when you give me wonderful sandbox programs like Garry's Mod and XNALara my gallery is the result!

I've been following the art DiD community for years, ever since I found the first version of the AVGDID boards which eventually led me here to DA once the boards went down. I still follow a lot of those artists and still love all their work. I can't draw worth a crap so I figured doing what I do is the least I could do to give back to a community that never stops giving. You all rock <3

I do not take any credit for any of the characters I use whatsoever, they all belong to their respective companies and the extremely talented porters/riggers that make it all possible. The only things I will take credit for will be the gag props I'm in the process of making and the hours it takes to set up some of the scenes I've done =D
I haven't posted in ages and I normally don't do these but since it's off my good friend :iconmr-g-modder: here it is!

Here's how it works: For the first ten comments below I will feature the commenter and a character/piece of art of theirs that I like with reasons why.

If you comment, then please create a similar journal entry on your page as the idea behind this is to spread the word about artists, creators and characters that we like :D (Big Grin)

Thank you, looking forward to your comments.

Will update this journal as comments are posted!

1) As I mentioned, this is starting off from :iconmr-g-modder:. It's been awesome seeing his work evolve since he's started and I admire his ability to tell/create excellent DiD stories with these ladies. Not only that but he has even started a trend of sorts with his '4 perils' series, which I have seen other artists adopt. TONS of favorites to choose from, especially with so many great looking girls, but I'll have to go with one of my personal favorites,

Mature Content

Orgrimmar Auction House - Remastered by Mr-G-Modder
. A very lively scene with helpless WoW ladies and a hot villianess taking charge =D His updates are always a treat, if you haven't been to his page make sure to stop by!

2) :iconlorddukane: has a fairly extensive gallery of 3D rendered works. While it has it's fair share of DiD work he also has a great mix of action scenes and profile shots. For his featured pic I will stick what we know however ;) Sara Tyle: A Step too Far by LordDukane

3):iconxanatos83:s gallery has a very charming feel to it and I especially like the use of detailed background with small touches here and there. My favorite pic is

Mature Content

Carolina and Black Cat Caught! by Xanatos83
because it's a great example of the detailed work and cause of Black Cat <3

4):iconjay2468:s gallery is filled with many erotic stories and some fun art.

Mature Content

Nicole's Bondage by jay2468
is my favorite piece due to Nicole being a damn good looking bound and gagged cutie =D

5):icongeekgemladiesman11: uploads their drawings and sketches up rather frequently which is great, practice makes perfect! That is way more than I could ever say about my attempts at drawing XD My favorite piece is Halo 5 by GeekGemLadiesman11 since I'm a complete Master Chief fanboy and I also can't wait for Halo 5 =D

6):iconcarlos1976: is another artist I've known for a while. I'm a huge fan of his work and his style is instantly recognizable! I really like

Mature Content

Morrigan Aensland DID by carlos1976
, great ropework, great gag, and yummy Morrigan =D

7):iconvalentinemeikin20xx:'s gallery is filled with stories they wrote pertaining to different DiD scenarios. My favorite would have to be The Schemes To Help Or Hinder?The wizarding world has been isolated for many years, due to the events of the Middle Ages, and more recently, the Salem witch trials.
As a result, the political system of the wizarding world is anything but sensible, with inherited positions taking priority over democratic election, and blood purity deciding who would gain from a law more than diplomatic choice.
It is no surprise then that anything that is impure is considered diseased and has laws placed to effectively segregate anything that isn't pureblooded from their society.
No wonder there's dark lords so often, when even half a corruption is still enough to make a person a pariah...

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was well known for his support of all wizards and witches. His time as headmaster of Hogwarts had seen several pioneering decisions which helped bring the Wizarding World back from the devastation of two Dark Lords in only a short time.
However, the problem was that, in reality, he'd helped push throug
because Hermione =D

8):iconkoridid: has a fantastic DiD gallery using XNALara! Lots of great works to choose from to feature but since his staple is using the ladies from Dynasty Warriors I'm going to have to go with

Mature Content

Unexpected Trip by KoriDiD

9):icon4wearemanytoo:s gallery is quite extensive and features quite a bit of XNALara work. If you love seeing a girl with her hands tied behind her back and some ropework on her chest then this is the place for you! Featured pic will have to be

Mature Content

Ryu taking his girls to school by 4wearemanytoo
as I adore those two girls =D

10) :iconiheartgaggedgirls: has a nice collection of DiD screencaps. My favorite is easily

Mature Content

Abagail Breslin Haunter by iheartgaggedgirls
because it's one of the best mainstream DiD scenes I have seen in a very long time =D

And that's 10! Thanks for participating everyone!
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