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Chloro Challenge - Ysera PoV VIDEO
While out for a walk Ysera is grabbed and pulled into an ally for a little knockout session. Wonder if her sister will be able to find her? =D

Not the best work I've done, just something I cooked up quick while I had the free time to do so.

Watch the video here…

I was nominated by :iconmr-g-modder: to do this new challenge made by :iconamazonarrow: so I accepted. Here is my entry to Glamour Girls ChloroChallenge!

Here are Glamour Girl's #ChloroChallenge rules:
1) If you're heroine is nominated you have one week to create an image (or short story or photo or whatever) of your character either voluntarily participating in the challenge or being "assisted" by some nefarious villain.

2) You must cut and paste these rules into your submission's description section.

3) Your description must also include a link back to the artist that nominated you.

4) You must then nominate THREE other artists and ask them to put at least ONE of their characters through the challenge. (It doesn't necessarily have to be an OC. If you like a particular artist's version of Wonder Woman for example, you could request that instead of an OC.)

5) Artists don't have to participate more than once (unless they want to, of course). You can find out which artists have already participated by visiting the Glamour Girl's ChloroChallenge Entries gallery maintained by amazonarrow

6) If your heroine wants to participate, but she's sick of waiting to be nominated... just tell her to go for it!

7) Have fun with it! Consider this an opportunity for your heroine to work on her "tolerance".

Sadly I can't think of three other artists, I simply made this since I was tagged by a good friend. I'm not fun at parties =P



United States
I'm a bondage fan and a gaming geek, so when you give me wonderful sandbox programs like Garry's Mod and XNALara my gallery is the result!

I've been following the art DiD community for years, ever since I found the first version of the AVGDID boards which eventually led me here to DA once the boards went down. I still follow a lot of those artists and still love all their work. I can't draw worth a crap so I figured doing what I do is the least I could do to give back to a community that never stops giving. You all rock <3

I do not take any credit for any of the characters I use whatsoever, they all belong to their respective companies and the extremely talented porters/riggers that make it all possible. The only things I will take credit for will be the gag props I'm in the process of making and the hours it takes to set up some of the scenes I've done =D
Hey everybody! Been ages since I've made an actual journal entry and just felt I should reach out to you guys every now and again =) You may have noticed that I've been posting semi regularly again lately, and I've been feeling pretty good about that. What I'd like to know is what do you all want to see more of? I have a few more ideas for custom HD models and will continue to refine my current ones but would you all prefer to see more of the legit models? I don't really have time to do requests, and the short sets I've been posting are just from ideas I get throughout the week but I'm open to suggestions as far as some models I might have used once or twice that you'd like to see more of.

Just a reminder, I love everyone's feedback! I go through all your comments and they do affect the flow of my work in their own little ways so don't be afraid to speak your mind =)
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